Erasure Test

Erasure Test (2020)

Is gender an hyperobject? // gender as a way to rethink our physical selves // binary dinamics in photography || #mammals #glitch #feminism #post – – – or does it fails to recognize the agency of humans? [what is human? who is human? Is a woman a human? When did this consideration started and why? Which women are humans? Am I a human? Do I want to be a Human?]

Is the uterus an organ or a technology? What does the reproduction apparatus to female bodies? Can #genderfeminism really liberate us from our confinement? Shulamith Fireston meeting Xenofeminism promises a lot but who is the owner of the technology? Who own the uterus? Why are women killed by their partners while it is not so common for an husband to be killed by a wife? We cannot underestimate the property structure of heterosexual love, even in the moment in which we refuse it. In an idealistic world matter doesn’t disappeared, we just leave it in other hands to be managed.


#Is a child a woman’s property? Evil mothering as a consequence of repression.

Casting the Circle

Casting the Circle (2013-2014)

Casting the Circle is the documentation of telepathy exercises.

Those exercises where deeply inspired by Upton Sinclair’s Mental Radio (1930), by the fact of living in Japan without being able to speak a verbal common language with people I met outside CCA Kitayushu, and by the fact of having worked for Chiara Fumai for The Moral Exhibition House.

I was questioning what does it mean to have a body and how to exit from it, from one self.

The circles, the “rays of a spiritual wheel”, are consequence of a fascination both on animism and on the sisterhood in The Theosophical Society. [p.e. Annie Besant’s Thought Forms], and are linked to Alice A. Bailey’s  Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle.

Non-hierarchic order recreated by this geometric figure refers to Lemuria. According to this myth, human beings were already standing but could not utter any sound to express their thoughts, since they lived in an astral and ethereal state. By evolving, their language began to include vowels and then consonants, but the development of language in the Lemuria continent never went beyond the single-syllable stage.

This encounter with a group of Japanese schoolgirls was conceived as a moment of substitution of self-awareness (Western feminist)  by the practice of instinctive telepathy and non-linguistic interpersonal communication.

Apart from an esoteric interpretation, this experiment aims to be an ultra-linguistic appendix to gender theory.