Wanna Be (2010)

Video animation, 1.33:1 4/3 DV-PAL
Rotoscopyng, 36”
Music credits: Maurizio Bonfanti / Garage Ermetico

Effectiveness of the real estate system in the background of a Milan commuter.

Take me out tonight (2010)

Video animation, 16:9 DV-PAL
Rotoscopyng, 1’
Music credits: Maurizio Bonfanti / Garage Ermetico

I was looking for a solution for furnishing a 50m2 apartment. While sitting in front of the super-bright screen and behind the IKEA futon, a trolley with lamp’s pieces was on my right. I read Kobo Abe’s Man Box to get inspired by the need and the transportable bed that I was planning did not need me anymore. I just wanted to go out and take a ride around Milan by train without being seen, with someone that dragg me around. And so I did. I pretended to be a blob of light clothing while being dragged around by -. In his head, a new piece was burning, his steps became sad notes, and I was the woollen mattress.

Environmental horizon (2012)

Video animation, HDV 16:9
Rotoscopyng, 25”
No sound

If man realizes himself only in a civilized way, then, I decide, as Toni Braidotti, to place, instead of Leonardo’s man, a dog, and the relation with the animal instead of the one between male and female. This project is absolutely not urban.