Grafts (2014)

Graft#1, color print on cotton paper mounted on dibond, 100×75 cm
Graft#2, humus, cactus Euphorbia, 165x8x8 cm
Graft#3, humus, cactus Euphorbia, 75x8x8 cm

A language is a form of life; if a lion could speak we could not understand what he says.
Is it possible to de-automate one’s life conduct in all important dimensions and re-automate it as soon as it is learned, so that what one wants to be or represent becomes the SECOND NATURE?
Habits are not given a priori, but must be built up through long training and exercises; they grow through repetitive behaviours of a mimetic nature.
A habit can be replaced by another habit.
“BIOLOGICAL EXUBERANCE” (Hakim Bey) which recognizes the importance of the exceptional, statistically rare, apparently paradoxical or “unproductive” phenomenon; a deviation from the norm as an integral part of nature.
Plants as a basis for study for self-fertilisation of mankind.