Casting the Circle (2013-2014)

Photos (50 x 34 cm each) and drawings

Casting the Circle includes photos and drawings portraying a group of young women who enter a circle as if they were the rays of a spiritual wheel.
The non-hierarchic order recreated by this geometric figure refers to Lemuria. According to this myth, human beings were already standing but could not utter any sound to express their thoughts, since they lived in an astral and ethereal state. By evolving, their language began to include vowels and then consonants, but the development of language in the Lemuria continent never went beyond the single-syllable stage. This encounter with a group of Japanese schoolgirls was conceived as a moment of self-awareness, not structured by Western feminist writings but by the practice of instinctive telepathy, in so far as being a form of empathic, non-linguistic interpersonal communication.
The girls were given instructions so that they could physically compose some geometric patterns, variations of paintings by Emma Kuntz, conceived as forms of concentrated abstract energy. A center of emanation could be perceived in the spaces where the bodies met. Apart from an esoteric interpretation, this experiment aims to be an ultra-linguistic appendix to gender theory.