A Spark in the Suburbs (2013)

A couple of basketball backboards, 30x30x40 cm, 30x30x80 cm, a basket ball

The sphere inside the overturned pyramid (basket 1) is a holy enclosure that protects what is in the middle. The inverted triangle is also thought of as SHAKTI, the first fence of most yantras. Then comes not, the mistery of not (basket 2): two nots making an affirmation, a possibility, surrounded by another imprinting not, annihilating that possibility. The principle of tautology – the logical ability to say that this is this – was a fundamental logical truth that is not present in this writing. In a first version the two baskets were laid on a ROMBO OF HERRINCKS and on a concentric hexagon, mentioned by Jacques La Maya in La medicina dell’habitat. The witness of the two pyramids positioned in the field between the two was subject to the action of the two devices. The idea of this field refers to the UNIVERSAL PENDULUM (radionics) which, conceived by Chaumery and Debelizal, is based on the energies emitted by the spherical form.