He wanted to be infinite (2016)

Video, photographs of different sizes, hexagonal mirror and the draft of a book, Destination Infinity

Between February and October 2016 I participated in the research project KilometroRosso at Petroceramics, a spin-off from the University of Milan, a reality where petrologists, nuclear engineers, biophysicists and biologists work. In that period I made a short video, “He wanted to be infinite”, born from the analysis of the differences between scientific and artistic methods, in particular, the differences between the “holes” and cuts of Lucio Fontana and a bulletproof vest. The residency at Km Rosso foresaw the incorporation of an artist into a business and social reality, which, in my case, was a scientific-technological laboratory. My entrance has highlighted, as far as I was concerned, the uselessness of creative practice in an industrial context; ‘useless’ as defined by the denial of work. The comparison between artistic and scientific speculation, anchored in an economic-industrial practice, has a corrosive potential; it brings out radical differences in an ambiguous way. I dwelt on this ambiguity in the months following the end of my residency.

The text “The End of God in 3D” is the first chapter of the book Destination Infinity, which is a work in progress.