Pink rust (2017-2019)

Installation with a floor/ground diagram/text, photographs and tape, a double projection, a single video.
Pink Rust re-crosses some names of the female gender, elements of a language essential to the (re)production of the “same story”.

We are not different, so.

That “not” separates us, to measure ourselves. Disjointed. Similar, if you like. Pink Rust abstracts by staging bodies already coded. The words with which we would define these bodies are figurative expressions that defend habits, in which linguistic manifestations act as a sort of second nature; but who knows if nature is not only the first of habits? And is it not a habit, the one for which we distinguish nature from culture? Body systems inherit a collective memory from all predecessors of the same species. A potential memory, which does not disappear and has no filter.
Pink Rust highlights a certain resonance that crosses bodies that do not refuse motherhood, exercising a consensus, scientifically guaranteed by the invention of maternal instinct, which acts for the production of human capital. Closed and open, without excluding themselves, in order to produce an exact word, they should keep their distance. Clearly move away from each other. Distant. It’s not good to be equal, to mimic what you approach. Because by assimilating one model after another, you change face, form, language according to who dominates you.